Designed for Amazon sellers to provide quality and convenient tools

Find bad reviews

For the store to find buyers who leave comments, AmzTool help you save time to find a bad buyer
Quickly match the travel order to Buyer by order number, buyer name and so on;
Fine search, depth mining, to help you find accurate poor buyers.

Product analysis

timely control of product sales rankings and changes in the situation, the development of effective sales strategy
Learn about competitors' sales and let the old door no longer be mysterious,
Quickly lock high potential explosion, show market capacity and audience preferences, enhance quality strategy

FBA Management

Check stock status and history, sales status, vertical and horizontal comparison of product sales
FBA delivery management, so that you no longer passively waiting for news, but active tracking, real-time control of the first shipment
JIT type replenishment proposal, effectively control the FBA inventory and sales mix, accelerate inventory turnover, avoid unsalable, so that operations are no longer blind